APPLY NOW for our affiliate program. Please include your website for the intended affiliate placements. Any request from websites in construction will be automatically rejected.PetGo Wholesale has been providing distinctive clothing, gear, luggage & home goods.

The PetGo Wholesale Affiliate Program allows approved web sites to link to the PetGo Wholesale online commerce site and earn a referral fee on any sales from that referred visit. This gives the affiliate site a virtual eCommerce business to round out the site’s offerings, while allowing the affiliate to focus on content pertinent to its area of expertise. The affiliate site can then offer the entire PetGo Wholesale online catalog without support network, and investment of inventory incurring the expense of the extensive coding, dollars normally required to implement such an online offering.

PetGo Whoelsale’ brand recognition, assortment and well-timed promotions will engage your shoppers and encourage return visits.

As a valued PetGo Wholesale affiliate partner, you will receive:

  • 5% standard commission
  • Return day window = 14
  • Text links and banner ad creative supporting key products and promotions
  • Updated product feed that will include all current images, prices, descriptions and more
  • Standard links promoting our robust sale section
  • Seasonal Free Shipping promotions

To learn more about the PetGo Wholesale Affiliate Program, read the information in the sections below.

Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions.

More information on becoming a Publisher with LinkShare.

LinkShare Publisher Sign-Up.

Trademark Bidding Policy: No bidding on the PetGo Wholesale brand's trademark terms or direct linking allowed of any kind.



We offer a competitive tier based revenue sharing affiliate program for website owners, blog authors, and online shopping portals. Affiliates are paid a commission once their referred visitor makes a purchase (less returns). Commissions are paid out via Paypal 30 days following each calendar quarter. We partnered up with a reputable third party affiliate program software to efficiently monitor and track all affiliate referrals and commissions to ensure accurate and timely payments. The affiliate software interface offers affiliates robust tools for promoting and maximizing your ad campaign. The user friendly interface has drill-down reporting to help you see what your traffic is doing and how your performance efforts are performing.

We will work with you on promotional campaigns, coupon codes, and ad banners to help your campaign thrive. As one of the premier online pet boutiques, we offer over 3000 products dedicated to helping pet owners find everything they fancy with convenience and ease, all in one place, for their stylish dogs. Signing up is easy and free. Earn up to 20% commission on your referred sales today!


This affiliate program is for non-profit organizations and groups. We pay your non-profit organization a commission for qualified referred sales. This helps pet lovers shop for what they need while supporting the causes close to their heart. Once your information is received and approved, you will have access to our third party affiliate software to create your own custom links or use one general link.  This link can be placed on your non-profit organization's website or shared on your social networks or email marketing.  Your organization will receive an affiliate commission on every customer order clicked through from your website or the link associated with your organization.  Affiliate commissions are paid 30 days following the preceding quarter.



Do you have a dog club or group on or a website dedicated to dogs? By promoting our website on your group's web page or website, we offer a group discount code to be redeemed during checkout for instant savings. To receive your group discount code today, please email us at with a link to your group's web page or website and include a brief description about your group.


BRAND & PRODUCT DISCOVERY offers a wide range of designer dog clothes and accessories, natural and breed specific grooming care products, organic and all natural pet food and treats, and unique and entertaining dog toys made in the USA. If there is a brand or product you or your dog group loves, please send us your suggestions to We offer product discovery discounts if we decide to carry the product.

We reserve the right to reject any applications we deem not appropriate or suitable for affiliate partnership.


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